Into Saskatchewan

imageimageimageimageimageimageFrom Calgary we headed Southeast into Saskatchewan on secondary and third grade roads, and saw spectacular scenery and an abundance of wildlife. Certainly a change from Vancouver Island’s seascape. The drive skirted the Rockie Mountains before taking us further into the Prairies. it was such a treat to see Pronghorn Antelope, Bison, Raptors, Moose, Coyotes, ¬†and new bird varieties. Now we’re in Drumheller, Alberta and flying home from Calgary on Tuesday. My image bank is full and happy!

Calgary, Alberta

image imageI left Toronto yesterday and met up with my partner in Calgary. We have rented a car and the plan is to travel into Saskatchewan to see the wide open prairies and big sky. Calgary is a boom town due to the oil industry so there is a curious blend of old and new. We went for an after dinner stroll and discovered a new age looking pedestrian walkway over the Bow River. To our delight we also spotted a beaver – a rare sight indeed.